Pikwik Pack with their vehicles

Message for the Parents

Pikwik Pack is packed with big adventures, silly hijinks, and heartfelt charm that will entertain preschoolers while underscoring the value of community, responsibility and teamwork.

Characters standing on top of eachother


Pikwik Pack embraces recognizing each individual’s strengths, combining them, and working as a team. After all, when we work together – we deliver better!

Characters posing together


The Pikwik Pack delivers magical packages filled with love to the charming residents of Pikwik. The series displays the importance of community, caring for those around you and helping others.

Characters posing together
Characters on a boat


The series shows the importance of being dependable and reliable to those around you. The team might face rough rapids, stormy skies, or a foggy forest, but when they work together, they always deliver!

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